---screenwriter Carlo Allen, Home Sweet Hell

"A Great Comedy"
---director Jesús Salvador Treviño, ER, Star Trek, Visions of Aztlan, Bones

"A zany comedy for sure. I enjoyed that you guys didn't play anything safe. You took creative risks. You made very bold choices. I wish I could do that more often in my own work."
---director Joe Menendez, Ladrones

"(Liberation) is pure rock and roll. F@#*!ng loved it."
--- Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Fangoria Magazine

"An attractive woman dancing to rock and roll music while painting in a bikini. Check. Don’t let the simple concept fool you, though, Liberation is deeper than it sounds. I can think of all sorts of thematic elements in this trippy short film from Richard Montes. Starring Jade Puga, Liberation clocks in at seven and a half minutes long and sees an artist finding inspiration from a news report of a young girl having been kidnapped by a violent cult. This, of course, is met with deadly consequences. Liberation is definitely something out of the norm, so I highly encourage you to watch the short film below!"
--- Horror Society

"Dig it!"
---Dread Central

“Lost Angeles Ward the new webseries by Safada Y Sano Productions is a facinating look into the unglamorous underbelly of the City of Angels. This issue driven webseries is a major undertaking for a small production company, but they are up for the challenge and deliver a production that could easily be on network T.V.”
     --- Bel Hernandez Castillo, CEO and Publisher of Latin Heat Magazine

“A scarily creepy glimpse of an unsettling future urban landscape, Lost Angeles Ward took me right out my comfort zone. I couldn’t look away!”
     --- Abelardo de la Peña Jr., El Editor of

“Lost Angeles Ward brings relevant social issues to the forefront…the director of photography and acting were great…this show is interesting, necessary and important…people want to turn their back but you can’t…it was horrible to watch but you have to see it…very very important.”
     --- Ellen Gerstein Actor, Writer, Director

"Lost Angeles Ward exposes the gritty side of L.A.'s glamorous facade. It is a brave and creative expulsion of the plight of our homeless... with a new and dangerous twist. I'm hooked after watching the first webisode... an entertaining diversion packed with a punch of what probably is more real than fiction."
     --- Elia Esparza, Editor of Latin Heat Online, Blogger of Latinowood

"Lost Angeles Ward is cinematically enthralling and Mysterious with rich colorful characters! Tense, defiant. The Direction is spot on! Takes the viewer exactly where they need to be.”
     --- Richard Yniquez Actor and Director

VOTED #1 in Vibe Magazines Top Ten List

"A Very Good Movie" and Pass The Mic! is "The Real Deal".
    --- Damien McCaffery, Associate Editor, VIBE Magazine

“Pass The Mic! should be watched by anyone who wants to purse music.”
    --- Doug Burnell, Film Threat Magazine

“The film’s tagline is “Finally, Their Stories are Told…” but it should read “Finally, A Latino Film not flooded with stereotypes…

    --- LatinoLa.Com

“...a bigger story about the darker side of the music industry..."
    --- Stephanie Holmes, The Monitor Newspaper, McAllen Texas

“After watching Pass, true rap fans will respect all of hip-hop’s architects.”
     --- Imani Dawson, Source Magazine

“A Strong righteous documentary

     --- Dusty Groove America Webzine

“Pass The Mic! has heart."
     --- Wes Woods, Campus Circle Magazine

”...the greatest documentary on the importance of Latino-a talent in the history of Hip Hop in the US."
     --- Alucine Film Fest Press Release

"Deserved Success achieved at the American Film Institute..."
    --- OC Excelsior

"It spotlights the Latin experience, clearly inspiring the viewer to acknowledge the many Latin contributions to the movement."
    --- Emmett George Price, Hip Hop Culture (Book)