Aguruphobia (Comedy)

Directed by Richard Montes
Written by Jade Puga & Richard Montes

Lost Angeles Ward (Drama/Horror)

Directed by Richard Montes
Written by Jade Puga & Richard Montes

Pass The Mic (Documentary)

Directed by Richard Montes
Produced by Jade Puga & Richard Montes

Richard Montes - Bio

    Born and raised just east of Downtown Los Angeles, Richard Montes has been praised by veteran TV Director Jesus Trevino as "a consummate storyteller… a gifted director whose productions reflect masterful ability and a standout cinematic vision.” Film credits as writer/director include feature films Aguruphobia (theatrical & VOD/BluRay release) and Pass The Mic, a Latinos in HipHop Doc, which screened for American Film Institute's Music Doc Series.

    With writing partner Jade Puga, they are 2023 FOX WRITERS INCUBATOR Fellows. Their historical drama was in the top 10% of the 2022 Nicholl Fellowship. Richard is also a NAMA Features Lab Fellow.

    Seeing the importance of preserving Chicano Art and Culture, Jade Puga and Richard Montes wrote the HCM application and constructed the argument on why the mural, Tenochtitlan: The Wall That Talks, located in Highland Park, should be recognized as a Historical Cultural Monument (HCM). On March 15th, 2023, by unanimous City Council vote, Tenochtitlan: The Wall That Talks became the FIRST STAND ALONE MURAL added to the list of historic-cultural monuments by the City of Los Angeles.

    When he is not writing or directing, he searches for the next great pizza joint, while listening to a Bernard Herrmann score.


    I admire the gritty pulse that Martin Scorsese achieved in Taxi Driver, the witty banter that Frank Capra orchestrated in Arsenic and Old Lace, the complexity of life in Angels with Dirty Faces, the fantastical and magical qualities of Wizard of Oz, and the intensity of acting and storytelling in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. When I discovered Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, I immediately related to poverty stricken Charlie, who had few options in life; plus the magical live action sets, Gene Wilder at his best, the cool effects and a quirky story that bordered comedy and horror inspired awe, wonderment and hope in me.  However, it was the first time that I saw Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, coupled with the death of my friends, that solidified by path in becoming a director.


  • Aguruphobia

    Richard Montes, Director, Producer, Writer. Multi-Award Winning Film. After a limited theatrical run, Aguruphobia is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Watch
  • Pass The Mic

    Richard Montes, Director. The critically acclaimed hip hop documentary Pass The Mic! screened for American Film Institute's Music Doc Series, now on Amazon. Watch
  • Lost Angeles Ward

    Richard Montes, Director, Writer, Producer. Featured in USA Today article "Latino filmmakers on the move." Watch